Monday, June 20, 2005

The constant evolution of things.

Téodor and I buried the hatchet this weekend and I must say our once-dire situation has surprised me by becoming, in that way of ways, a bit of a phoenix. He's got plans for a cookbook to accompany his show, a combination which I understand is in vogue, and asked if I might lend a hand where the printed page was concerned. Only too happy to provide guidance in my chosen field, I assured him I would work with my agent in order to provide maximum exposure to the appropriate editors. When last we parted it was with a hearty handshake and a mutual sparkle in the eye.

Of course, just now, in mid-post, when I had gone to the kitchen to work up a bit of omelette aux fines herbes in a hot buttered pan, he ran in and dashed paprika over the setting curds. I suppose he's about college age, so such shenanigans are to be endured.