Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Lunch with Waterbury

Ray agreed to give Waterbury leisure for a few hours this afternoon, and he joined me for a spot of lunch down at the Crab & Pickle. We were pleased to watch highlights of the Boreham v. Arsenal match on the television, and made good conversation over steak and kidney pie (myself) and an egg salad (his). Not surprisingly, he's a bit of an angler, and we made casual plans to visit the local waterways soon. I say, a fat perch fried in butter would be just the thing.

Just as we were wrapping things up Ray phoned him (Ray makes him carry a cell phone, which causes him understandable chagrin) and asked him what the square root of ten was. To my surprise, he plucked the Mont Blanc from his shirt pocket, did the sum on the reverse of the bierdeckel, and reported the answer. It apparently made Ray angry, for as soon as he had said the number I heard a distinct cry from the earpiece and an abrupt click. Perhaps Ray is betting on maths now?