Monday, July 05, 2004

That Lauren Graham.

I must admit to a bit of a chink in the old Bear armor: I am positively dreamy over that adorable Lauren Graham. I know I am perceived as a stony recluse whose heart is protected by thorny memories of great loves gone wanting, and for the most part that is true enough. In the case of Ms. Graham, however, I feel quite content to fawn over her television appearances and dip into the odd daydream of champagne among the dense roses at Hampton Down, perhaps a hand held in hand and a titillating repartee with her devastating wit...forgive me. Of all the beauties that are swung across the television screen, she seems the odd jewel with that classic je ne sais quoi. Not to mention the dimples. Oh! She's on Celebrity Poker this evening! I shall repair to the living room with the well-thumbed and nib and hopefully lavish a few lines upon that invigorating Beatrice.